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How To Maintain Mental Toughness For Traders

Trading involves 90% Mental Conditioning, 5% Technical Conditioning, and 5% Physical Conditioning.
In this course:
  • You are going to learn how your mind works that controls the 98% of your trading success.
  • You will have all the necessary tools to be a consistent, profitable trader.
  • There will be a lot of individual exercises so you can be aware of your internal weaknesses, and make them into strengths.
  • You will find out the winning formula to successful trading. How 5% of consistent, profitable traders do differently compared to the rest.
  • You will learn to control your negative emotions when trading.
Typically, this course are for seasoned traders who have trading experience and have encountered some challenges along the way. They understand that trading mindset plays a big role in trading.
However, this course is for everyone who wants to improve their mental toughness.
Course Syllabus
  • Why trading psychology?
  • Finding your biggest challenges
  • Habits
  • Beliefs
  • Empowering beliefs
  • Values
  • 6 human needs
  • Assessing your emotional state
  • What kind of trader are you?
  • Reasons why traders fail
  • How feelings determine your emotions
  • How thoughts create certain feelings
  • Your programming controls your thinking
  • Balance
  • Characteristics of a top trader
  • Contract with myself
The Foundation of Technical Analysis How To Read Charts Objectively

To be a proficient technical analyst, it is imperative to be objective to forecast future price movement. Like building a new house, you will need to have a strong foundation to understand technical analysis.

About the course:

The first step to successful trading is to have a good, solid foundation if you want to be an exceptional technical analyst when trading. This course will help you understand the four pillars of technical analysis.

They Are:
  • Understanding Price and How it is Evaluated
  • Understanding the Macro Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Energy Flow Of Price
  • Understanding the Importance of Supply and Demand
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Trading Methods That Are 100% Objective, Proven, and Work 80% Of The Time!
About the course:

Once you have a solid foundation and understanding of the game from the Beginner’s program, the next phase is to learn our Intermediate Trading Methods that are objective, proven, and works in every time frame. You will learn when to Buy and Sell, Risk Management, Money Management, How to be a Disciplined and Focused trader, How to visualize, How to have 100% probability set-ups, and How to succeed even when you fail.

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