copy our trades for additional revenue stream in 2020


Equally with a solid track record, you can copy our head traders positions directly onto your account, receiving the same profit and loss. Benefit from live trade updates and modifications, eliminating the chances of you missing it or personal error, only natural for beginners. Our copy trader gives you the ability to benefit without any work and still maintain control of all trading decisions with full access to close, modify and add positions. 


In addition, lack of direction can be the biggest issue in times of doubt. Our experienced team of coaches are on hand to support you to make everything simple, with this in mind, afterwards you can focus on making profits.


With our technical floor you receive the analysis & full break down of the exact trade copied onto your account, Along with additional features, tools and information. This also allows you to always be in the game and can be used as an educational tool to aid your trading. 


Our goal is to make institutional trading simple and accessible. Trading 7 figures and trading 3+ require different strategies and disciplines. Not only COT has been designed to bridge the gap between the two by educating traders and investors but also being able to get real time results without having to be the final product. Transparent and effective. 

Aamir Uddin

Copy Our Trades Head Trader & Founder 

7 Figure Fund Manager 

Currently I manager a 7 figure fund of private investor capital, with an  AUM over 3 Million GBP, Using an institutional strategy.

Multiple Business Owner 

Trading has been a catalyst in providing the capital to diversify and own multiple additional successful businesses. Creating additional revenue streams is essential for creating wealth. 

7 + Years Trading and Business experience

5 years experience trading profitably, and 6 years investing and building successful businesses has taught me many lessons which i give to our COT members on a daily basis.


Started self education in trading at 14 before sourcing a mentor and starting my journey.

Deeper learning process into psychology of trading and analysis. 

Graduates to Full time trader- Managing 4+ figures

Launches business in automobile space

Graduates to a fund manager, trading private capital of 7+ figures

Launches Copy Our Trades


Furthermore you can earn and learn at the same time with COT. Our Technical floor is the most user friendly, in depth breakdown offered to date. We like to keep everything simple and relevant to remove the noise from the markets. All our analysis and information is relevant to our trades and outlooks. We provide a daily watch list, chart analysis, fundamental & Technical breakdowns. Our mission is to support you to become profitable and aware in FX.